I had a meeting with 5 guys which was pretty Interesting.
Dave Wiles from FYt was in scotland to just see people. with three other gentlemen, David from the YMCA, Bill from Dare2 and Tommy from Cape town, South Africa.
Their guide was Matt, he was also with them.

it was a flying visit but allowed for the sharing of stories and thinking around the area of Substainance in urban work. How do you sustain yourself in an area where it is hard and you are working with people who it is hard to work with?

three things struck me.

Matt’s contribution of differnt ways people can view you was really good.
And the observation that we (as men) seemed to not say how much we relied and needed the help and guidence of our wives was also quite profound.

The biggest thing I was thinking about though was how do I really sustain myslef as a christian?

I suppose the answer is i am one and what i do is an extention of that to the extend where things can become part of and linked in a supernatural way to that.

so having thought about this further the key things to sustaining me would be
– reading, bible and bible notes (to give it some structure)
– reading, theology and anything I can think about theologically (sounds grander than it is)
– music, singing along with OTR or 6pntr or Cush or sufjan or whatever. My lips my not move and no sound may be uttered, but music really does it for my soul.
– Family time. I love my wife and son. they rock and they help me in so many ways.

i guess thats it. other things like blogging help but, these are the main.

thats how I stay me.

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