McLan Open

Today we went to the grand opening of McLan Gaming and Trading.
It seemed to be going very well indeed.

It is the project of my friend Richard, who has been involved in the retail industry all his post school life. He has already managed several stores and this is his first solo venture.

The shop has a 12 computer lan set up in store for gaming, and also has a small but good selection of games for PC, Xbox, PS2, PSP and other older consoles.

The place was buzzing today and had a really good vibe to it.
I think it may just do what it has been set out to do!
I was think though of tryignto organise a lan for 25-35 somethings. If interested drop me a comment.

Anyway i preordered Football Manager 2006 PC game and Pro Evolution 5 for PS2 while I was there. so i will be back when it is quieter and see how things are going.

In the meantime. good work and much success

McLan website ::[[click here]]::