Mark Steel – Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow, 21st March 2009

marksteelHow do you review comedy?
I have been to a few comedy shows over the years John Shuttlesworth, Bill Bailey, Harry Hill, Milton Jones & Joe Fisher, some famous, some medium some not so famous. all quite funny.

if i had to rate them then

1 Milton Jones – Absolutely Hilarious
2 Harry Hill – Just Beautiful
3 John Shuttleworth – every song a winner
4 Bill Bailey – good set
5 Joe fisher – Had a hard audience of youthworkers to work with. His “cuddling for the kingdom” was very funny though

on saturday we, ( and a mean a reasonably large group of us went to see mark steel at the Glasgow comedy festival.
it was quite funny. marks set was based around being radical and being over 40. Is observations about how he has changed and how how his perspective on what and how he believes politically, has changed and developed as he has grown older. it was very funny.

I did wonder how the rest of the guys I was with felt about it.
I had an idea about his Marxist background and how his politics had been very definitely left. I am not sure that many of the guys I was with were that aware of just how political the show would be. (it was a relatively gentle politics, but it did ground the majority of the set.)

Anyway the night was fun.
Most of us laughed consistently and had a good time.
where would he have come on my list above? Joint forth with Bill Bailey probably. (PS the top 4 are quite close together so forth isn’t bad at all.

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