Make me a drink strong enough, To wash away this dishwater world they said was lemonade

(Or my thoughts on isreal/palestine, woman bishops etc.)

Tuesday night I had a conversation where it was assumed I hold pro-palestine views. It was a bit weird. I ended up adopting a pro-Palestinian view pont to balance out the conversation. Also I don’t want to tacitly agree with a pro-Isreali view point. The more I think about this the more I think it is as devisive for no good reason.

I get that the situation is urgent, people are dying and we should care. I do care. But I am not caring based on having to pick a side. Yes, my politics are probably defined as being on the left of the centre. But I refuse to pick a side to support or agree with their propaganda. I am not on the side of any group/country who kill and bomb as a response to their situation. I see no way that killing and bombing turns out well for anyone.

Both sides have been aggresive and oppressive to each other.
Both sides have been transgressed.
Both sides have a valid cliam to the high moral ground.
Both sides have been immoral in their actions.
from both sides we have seen decisions and use of power which doesn’t bring life or freedoms.

Only God can save us now.
Why namecheck God in this arguement, surely God (or religion) is the cause of this trouble? As for God being the cause of this fight (or the justification for this fight), I don’t think that arguement applies anymore than it applied during the seond world war, where both allied and german forces claimed God was on their sides. it a bit simplistic to say its Islam against the Jews. People claim to be under the banner of a religion for all manner of reasons, agreeing with an overarching ideology a lot of the time isn’t one of them.

I believe in God. I believe in a God who loves and is a peace maker. I believe in costly reconciliation and love, not an easy and unreal optimism.

I come at this not from a basis of being right about things, but an admittance that I am mostly wrong about things, mostly I fail on things. I live the memories and thoughts of what I have done, where I have hurt people. I reflect on these, plan to change, act in a changed way. I try and work out how I could be better. I know when I do things wrong. I try and do better next time. Yet I still act in a way which where the discrpancies exist. I believe that Church of England vote on Wether to allow woman to become bishops, was an action of discrepancies.

The majority of Church of England people believe that a woman can be a bishop as equally as a man. I have to believe that those who voted against this knew they were voting. They were choosing to rationalise parts of the bible. Every human works out what they think, and reflects on their actions. When there actions are wrong, a discrepancy is registered. which ever way they voted. As humans we are created to be investagative and curious, conscious of the discrepancies even if we choose not to engage in sharing our discrepancies. Or if we science our discrepancies with a belief that our flawed action is correct (or of God)

I am an independantly researching fungi.
As are you. We know the discrepancies. In these what we see parts of who we really are. how we act and react when we have to. I was listening to Prof. Wodsworth talking about how research is pointless unless we get everyone involved and use the action research process to engage everyone in talking and making a change. Involving with all concerned with talking about the discrepancies, thinking about what these discrepancies mean, planning away forward, acting together, reflecting on what happened, keeping on the process. Committing the changing the discrepancies that I see in me and in you together. Thats the only way to find peace in the Israel/Palestine. That’s the only way to have/not have woman bishops.

Yet in this polarising state of existance, what you have to hold one or the other view, the only way to find the grace to let this happen will come God.

SO who am I?
I am not pro Israeli, I am not pro Palestinian.
I am an independantly researching fungi, who beleives in costly reconciliation and love, not an easy and unreal optimism.