Lunch with…

I had lunch with my friend Dionne on Wednesday. We met at ten, outside John Lewis in Buchanan Galleries. It was good to walk and chat and find out stuff about how life had made its twists and turns since we had last left.
We ended up in Starbucks at princes square and the conversation revolved around Babies, (Mine), and Buying a flat (Dionne’s possibly) We chatted and chatted. Jacob was on from and we ended up feeding him there. We walked some more, down and through the St Enoch centre, and up Buchanan Street. We ended up going to The Counting house for lunch. Before we got there we saw a quite terrible bike exhibition in George Square. No really. It was awful. The guy was doing BMX tricks with a mountain bike to promote safe cycling, the Glasgow cycle routes and using your car less.
We headed quickly for the Counting House. It took forever to get served. (And I thought girls got served Quicker at the Bar!) New Menu I think. Or perhaps it had been so long since I had been in there. We decided to share the Panini platter. 3 cut up panini’s and some chips. It was okay to good. At the end of the meal it was around 3pm and I had to leave and pick up the car.

It was really good to see Dionne again.
I don’t have to many friends I am still in contact with from before when I met my wife.
That’s pretty much it. Sad. But I like these three friends. They are good for me and I like them.

I guess after 11 years of knowing her I am saying to Dionne, thanks for being my friend.