Love Extravagantly – Values and Principles 2

This post is number three of an occasional series on values and principles;
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Love Extravagantly


• noun 1 an intense feeling of deep affection.
DERIVATIVES – extravagantly adverb

• adjective 1 lacking restraint in spending money or using resources. 2 costing a great deal. 3 exceeding what is reasonable or appropriate

Love Extravagantly
I suppose it is the guiding philosophy of what i try to do. In life and in work, in my family.
I often don’t achieve

But I try and aim high

if I did Graffiti This would be what i would write.
An exhortation to myself, my life and other people

but not just love
love extravagantly
beyond what is reasonable and appropriate.
You know what to do.
so do it.