London (re) Calling – 1

We have returned

My son Jacob and myself have taken advantage of some of my holiday time to take a short break in london. we had a great time and did it reasonably cheaply as well. Anyway big thanks to my wife (Jacob’s mum), Rich for tech support, Matt for the food and chat, and zara for the hot chocolate

The things we did were
– fly BA Glasgow to London Heathrow
– London Heathrow terminal 5 (I think it qualifies as a destination in and of itself.)
– London Underground
– Houses of Parliament
– Old County Hall
– London Eye
– Waterloo Train Station
– The Tower Of London
– gourmet burger kitchen
– London Aquarium
– Buchingham Palace
– St James Park
– St Marks church, Mayfair
– Selfridges, Oxford Street
– The Apple Store, Regent Street
– Hamleys
– Carnaby Street
– Covent Garden
– Wahaca – mexican restaurant
– Trafalgar Square
– Whitehall
– Downing Street
– South bank
– Tate Modern
– International Headquarters of The Salvation Army
– St Pauls Cathedral
– Shoe Lane Library
– British Museum

I think we did enough for a couple of days to be honest
more follow up posts to follow.