Locked out but happy ending

last night I did something quite stupid.

I came home and my wife had been ill.
She was not feeling so good.
I came home and there was an atmosphere.
I had called earlier and she hadn’t been into chatting.
She was feeling ill.
I felt kinda weird.
I didn’t know how to feel or behave.
So I came homemade some toast.
we chatted a little.
she fell asleep.
We knew about 11.30 we were going to pick up helen’s dad from a work related function in the centre of Glasgow. When the call came it wasn’t really a surprise. I picked up my bag and selected the house keys from the front pouch. Grabbed my phone. Left my wallet. My wife brought the car key.

we have a ritual before we leave the house. My wife asks if I have the house keys. I say yes, then she asks to see them. I show the keys and then we shut the front door, and the outer door.

Last night we didn’t check until the door was shut. I did have my office keys. Just not the house keys. We couldn’t access a spare set except the set that live with helen’s brother. He was in Prestwick (About 35 miles away).

Helen was not amused. I was in the bed books. We picked up helen’s dad in town, and then drove the hour or so down the coast to her parents house. Her mum and brother took it in good spirit but I felt quite bad about it all.

Part of the deal was this morning Helen’s dad would help us fix two taps we were having problems with. In return for sleeping at our house and getting a lift to pick up his car from his work car park. This morning I had to drive him back up the road to our house to help fix the taps, pick up clothes from Helen and I to wear. On the plus side the taps are both fixed.

I went to pick up a letter from the post office. There was money owing on it. As I drove the post office I felt good about the day and fresh clothes, and getting the work done. I parked in the visitors car park, left helen’s dad in the car and went in to pick up the parcel. As I shut the car door I thought, “hmm that didn’t sound good.” I got the letter, (Nothing important without a stamp), and returned to the car. I lifted the handle


the door was shut. Helen’s dad let down the window the seatbelt had got stuck at the buckle in the door jamming the mechanism shut.


after pulling, shoving, kicking and various other attempts to fix it I decided to drive it to pick up helen’s dad’s car, then get to somewhere we could fix it. So of we went. We picked up his car and drove to their house.

I was annoyed at being so stupid.

Anyway we got to the house and waited for a break in the rain. When it came it took us 30 minutes to get inside the door enough to open the lock mechanism and the door. (Not just taking out the obvious screws!) I managed to slice a slab of skin off my fingers, but we opened the panel, repaired the lock, and a small top panel came off.
I noticed this and tried this on the other door.

The other door has had a rattle since we bought the car. Now I could solve it. It was a screw into a nut which had a metal washer on it. The screw was too long and the metal washer was rattling loosely.

I got two new metal washers and packed the screw up. I tightened it all up and managed to stop the rattle in the car.


So I am very happy today seemed to be an annoying day but at the end it all turned out great and I learned how to take the panel off the inside of my door, how to fix the small dent in the car (for future reference), how to fix the taps, and generally that I really love my wife and hate doing stupid things that upset her.

that was today.
hope it was good for you