Live TV blogging – Jool Hollands 200th – BBC1 – 01 feb 08

Live event blogging – Jool Hollands 200th

Cat Power


My program review

Headlining Radiohead – very good. three songs and another one on the website, good news really for all.
mary J bilge. – she did a wee lecture at the beginning of her record so we know exactly what she thought of the song

the main attraction from the undercard of the program was the 2 round bout between two cute, indie cred filled, heavily fringed, female vocalist’s Feist and Cat Power.

Round one
(back to back performances at opposite ends of the studio)
Feist – my mooon my man – pretty good rendition, sounded live with rough edges and a heavier guitar part which gave it an edge.
cat power – new york new york – her band sounds tight and very good. Ms Marshall though, sounded a bit to much like she was trying to be good rather than being good?
round one to Feist.

Round two
Feist plays 1-2-3-4 but also plays a joker with her entire band making a brass section supporting an acoustic version of the song.
Cat Power plays “Lost Someone” musically the band are awesome and sound great. but Cat’s Performance again lets down the side.
Round two to Feist

Victory to Feist two – love

Victory thrid song goes to Feist with Sealion. A Live favourite (of mine)and it pretty much rocks the room. It just sounds very good and a well deserved victory.

so in a live tv battle, radiohead beats them all and Feist beats Cat Power.

Quite how she will deal with Zooey Deschanel and her link up with M Ward as “She and Him” is anyones guess.

(Zooey Deschanel, with the cute indie cred background and heavy fringe)

Later with Jools website with radiohead performance not shown on the TV ::[[click here]]::

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