Live 8

Live 8 on Saturday was good. well mostly good. Here is my run down on the good the bad and the why?
All in all I enjoyed the whole spectical. And I think the message was given out clearly about Making Poverty History.

+Snoop Dog
+Pink Floyd
+The Who
+Robbie Williams
+Annie Lennox
+Paul McCartney (His drummer is awesome)

-Joss Stone
-Elton John
-Pete Docherty (BabyShambles)
-Mariah Carey
-Scissor Sisters
-Miss Dynamite
-Velvet Revolver

Not really bothered
?Dido (with that bloke)

I Missed these bands
The Killers

I did like the line up from Canada but no live coverage on my freeveiw Box. Pants. Still with Aol having all the video’s up I can see and hear the entire concert at my leisure!

I also caught some of the Philadelphia gig. not sure of Jars of Clay’s Set, Black eyed Peas were good, WIll Smith was good, Bon Jovi were caratacures of the All American Rock Hero!TM Aye it was alright I suppose