For Lent

I have given up, music, or more specifically all the music I own. so for one mont I won’t turn on an Ipod, or the stereo, or the computer programs and listen to music I own. If I own it I don’t hear it. yes that includes music radio as well.

To make this interesting I am inviting people to give me music they think I should hear for the month. If you know me or even if you don’t e-mail me or give me music I should hear.

I have decided to read, Untold stories by Alan Bennett.
I got this book at christmas and I should read it.
I have heard it is fantastic so i will give it a crack.

what about you?

6 thoughts on “Lent

  1. rilo kiley and Cat power I have both.

    anything new or not really what I would choose to listen to is what I am looking for.

    any help accepted

  2. I am giving up chocolate for lent 🙂

    It will be very difficult

    I can’t think of any music off the top of my head that i didn’t see on your ipod

    Sorry to not have been of help


  3. i’ve been listening to david ford of late, not sure if you will like him though?? also been quite enjoying isabel cambels new one with mark lanegan. recently got bonnie prince billy’s new one too, not his best but he does a few lovely cover versions.

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