Lent update

The amount of Latent music is society is quite alarming. Scilence and retreat can be hard to find due to scoiety wiseing up about music. restaurants and shops all use music to help shoppers with their speed of shopping.

anyway on my travels yesterday I wrote down some of the songs I heard and some of the songs that came into my mind. and here is the list for your delectation and delight

Songs or bands I have heard.
hard fi
Viva Voce Lesson #1 on the Motorola slivr advert
The Editors
Arcade Fire
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (twice)
1 hour of house music at the gym.
Wicked Game by chris Issak on a website.

songs that I have been singing
the gambler by Kenny Rogers
Call it democracy by Bruce Cockburn

anyway more later