Lent -1

For lent this year, I am stuck.
I am considering what to do. But kinda unsure
Previous efforts have included

Giving up crisps.
Reading a book.
Giving up all music I had heard before.
Eating less.
Giving up caffeine.
Giving up alcohol.
Publishing a record of my spending on the Internet.

And this year I am struggling to work out something appropriate.

Lent is the period of 40 days which build up to Easter Sunday. The key is that you give something up in order to prepare yourself for Easter.

Lent has never been a festival which I had marked but recently it has been something I have been thinking about.

This year I want to do something which marks that preparing and respect for Easter but also something which embodies the “slow” translation of lent as well.

Dunno what I will do but I look forward to trying.