Laconic Hegemony (mixtape 1 and 2)

laconic hegemony
So you decide to record a podcast. You try to find a hosting solution for free which won’t take the files as they are too big. You find that the files as they are sort of a mix tape of the music you have enjoyed over 2008, so brakes copyright protection laws, so no one will take the podcast as it illegal.

Outwith the legality of buying something as using it as you then wish. I have struggled to see how to get these out here. So for you and you only! (okay tell your friends). I have made an mp3 mixtape featuring the best music from 2008.

Laconic Hegemony part 1 – (the best tracks from albums i heard in 2008 (track numbers 1-4)) and Laconic Hegemony part 2 – (the best tracks from albums i heard in 2008 (track number 5-21)). Are available to be downloaded from your local online download file hosting. You do need to get through my wittering. Also the production values of volume 2 is better than volume 1 but some great music form some bands you have never heard of before awaits.

Laconic Hegemony part 1 (featuring The Hold Steady, Death Cab for Cutie, Aimee Mann, The Social Services, Iain Archer, Burial and more)
Laconic Hegemony part 2 (featuring Elbow, She and Him, Denison Whitmer, Jenny Lewis, Waterdeep and more including a surprise headliner for the music!)

enjoy if you have the inclination to downlaod and listen