Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda is great.

We hit a 10 am showing of the film at the Vue cinema at Hamilton. Quite good fun.
The story is the a group of kung fu masters have to protect the valley from an enemy who is better than they are. The olod kung fu master says he will pick the next “dragon warrior”, but instead of picking the masters asembled picks a panda who has never trained in kung fu.

The film is basically the story of how the outsider comes into save the day, or does he??

Loved it.
I hadn’t heard anything about the film before hand. I laughed out loud several times and thought the twist was nice. The film does kinda signpost the way the story will delevop and you can guess the way the eding will go. so storywise it’s not “memento”.

it was fun, enjoyable and good. I would say go see it.
My son who’s almost 3(!) has it now as one of his favourite films which is nice.

go see it. it’s fun. see the trailer here

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