KNTV – I love it.

I have a new Favourite Tv program.
It is on during the day. (thats right, daytime TV)
It is hosted by two cool, cool teenagers. (they are pretty cool)
It deals with the big issues of life (no really its a philosophy show)
It is hilarious. (funny no end.)

the show is called KNTV and its on channel4 in the mornings. Hosted by two teenagers Kierkegaard and Nietzsche they make pirate broadcasts onto the normal state broadcasting of Slabovia, which is the last remaining communist state in Europe. As they say themselves, “when the Iron Curtain fell, Slabovia was under it”.

The show is similar to The Steel lectures on bbc2/bbc4 in so much as they both have taken and informal approach to education. they are both deliberately taking a big subject, in terms of philosophy, steel has covered descartes and darwin, KNTV has covered Newton and Darwin.

to be honest i learn, I am entertained. I love TV this good!

also if you visit you can downlad the poster below and pledge your allegence should you feel the communist need!

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