Jumble Sale

one of weirdest things about working where I do is the bi-month jumble sale. It has several good points and several bad points.
We had one two weeks ago and I gues I was both really happy and really sad.

I was really happy that we raised some funds, that money pays for me and my colleages to do the vital job that we do. We provide people in the community with low cost clothing and furniture. I mean we have some good stuff sold.
I generally have a stall with books, shoes, odd furniture, cd’s and videos. Generally i make quite a bit of money for the church.
I also like the fact it is truely the one event where all the volunteers and workers are working together and towards making a success of a project. This is good.

the bad point is the jumble can have it’s own special odour. Eugh.
The other bad point is the amount of car booters who come. The people who buy cheap from us with the intention of selling for a higher price at a car boot sale. Our prices are very minimal and reflect the context of the area we are working in. Yet people come in a buy the stuff as a bargain to sell on.
It saddens my heart that all the stuff actually that can make a difference in this name brand, trend aware society it sold within 10 minutes not to people who will use it themselves, but to those whointend to make a profit due to the poverty of the area we work in.
I had one lady who bought four pairs of childrens schoes invarious sizes at the recent sale. The only reason she bought them was beacuse they were timberland schoes. Not for her, or her family, but for her next car boot where she could possibly make up to 10 times the price she paid us for the same product.

I don’t decry her her profit.

perhaps it’s better for local young people to grow up without the pressure of brand name clothing anyway.

It makes me sad. thats all

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