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  1. Congratulations to you both – Mum and Dad Paget! Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it…! Lorna phoned me to tell me your news, so welcome to Jacob. He looks gorgeous – must take after Helen, then, eh?

    Hope you’re looking forward to the sleepless nights ahead. Congratulations again!
    Ruth Box

  2. Great News! Welcome Jacob – may you hold on to the heels of great saints that have gone before you – namely that man Christ Jesus. Prayers and blessings for ur folks who now wonder what they have got themselves into and pinching themselves with moods of amazing love, delight, anticipation and daunting prospects all admist the fog of sleepless nights. Ah peace, where has it gone! May the Paget family know the blessings and protection of our gracious God.

    much love from the Hall’s (Matt, Diane, Caleb and Joel)

  3. Congratulations from a stranger! Babies are God’s way of reminding us that life is Good and that despite all the craziness of our world, life goes on…. lovely….

    I love Over the Rhine, six p., Man in Black and your blog! very thought provoking…. Mine is mostly about dentistry, but I minored in philosophy, so…. hopefully some introspection from time to time.

    God Bless mum, dad ‘n Jacob!
    (no kids yet; we sometimes wonder if we’d name a boy Linford after OTR’s Mr. Dettweiler, but we gave that one to out 2nd cat….) 🙂

  4. thanks for all the comments and congratulations
    Jacob and mother are doing well and growing. Helen is mending well and Jacob is full of new surprises everyday.

    Not only that he generally sleeps most of the night. (one feed in the middle.)
    thanks again for all the messages. it means alot that people take time to send a message and care about our family.

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