Jacob. and the Illness

Picked Jacob up from Nursery last wednesday. He is ill.
I am quite worried about it, the nursery tell us they can’t take jacob back until he has the all clear from the doctor.

I take Thursday off.
I have no classes in the morning for a research week. In the afternoon Carolann, Heather and myself are meant to be presenting on the topic of “regeneration” for the political Imperatives class.
I am also meant to be working on the Thursday Evening at work for 3 hours or so. I Phone and cancel.

The doctor tells us it is Viral Conjunctivitis. It is very Infectious and contact with others should be minimal until it is better around 4 days away. Jacob is quite clingy when he gets ill

I enjoy the time spent at home with him. usually he sleeps or cries or eats but is nothing if not really cool. His company although sometimes annoying is pretty good. He is constantly amazed. I like that openness to new experiences and the joy that brings.

so we enjoy the time. Thursday night my parents babysit so my wife and I can go to the Danielson gig at King Tuts.I have him friday morning then he goes to see his mum for the afternoon and I go to work. Over the weekend his illness clears up, but sunday night he has a bad night, I am worried. we take him to nursery. He has a horrible day. that night he keeps nothing down. He is really sick.
Helen starts to feel unwell as well. Tuesday Helen and Jacob both stay home. Wednesday I stay Home with Jacob. My class at college was cancelled and I was down to work from home.
I get some work done. Jacob is sick mostly tuesday and by wednesday afternoon is on top form.

He goes to nursary on thursday and friday and really enjoys it.

It appears the only after affect is a series of coughing fits. mostly around 5-6am.
My wife though is still feeling rough.
and as for me, well, I think I have a cold.