Is the human condition an ambiguous state?

My work has been focusing down on youth works use of ethics. its been interesting thinking about this rather than doing this. Today in the midst of my video work I was writing a youth session for my favourite lectionary based church resource, from Scotland, Spill the Beans. The passage was Jesus telling the story of the wheat and the weeds, in Matthew 13. I was thinking about why bad things happen to good people, questioning is anyone actually good, or is the human condition to be in an ambiguous state of existence, where we do good, do bad, and try as best we can to negotiate this roller coaster.

Out of all this thinking, the phrase, “Out here we leave the leave the edges wild“, from Over the Rhine’s Meet Me at the Edge of the World seemed to jump up for attention.

anyway I ended up putting up something rough for use. as it is due to be used on the first Sunday of the Glasgow fair holiday I am reasonably sure no one will actually be reading/using it on that day so i have reproduced it here!

The Human Condition

The human condition is the field of your life.
It a field which needs tended and cared for.
It is your space to grow and nurture.

Look at the beauty,
Look at the good stuff,
Look at what pleases.
The times you try,
The times you do,
The times of better.

Look at the wild edges,
Look at the uncared for space,
Look at the space that messy.
The times you hurt,
The times you fail,
The times you can’t.

The human condition is the field of your life.
It a field of good&bad, pride&shame, the awful and the beautiful.
It is space tend to you and deal with you.

The human condition is the field of your life.
Our field is a mix of wheat and weeds, our brilliance and our failings.
a place of thickening the plot, and leaving the edges wild.