iOS app Fiete – a game for toddlers

With my daughter getting ready to go to school after the summer. 4 or 5 years of attempting to find good, fun, interesting apps for toddlers is coming to an end. Hence it is time for a short series of app reviews featuring some of our favourite apps for this age group 3-5 year olds.

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Fiete is a simple game, you are accompaning a sailor in a world where thing have went wrong and your job is to help them get better. You help accross 15 scenes (or i would call them senarios) and 3 games, In each scene or senario, you can play and interact with the world making it better.

The game runs on iOS maeaning touch is an intergal part of the game, for example onthe scenes opens with this image-
you can see a seed, a pot with some soil, and our sailor friend. using your finger you drag the seed into the soil
and then get treated to a simple animation of the change you have made.

As an app its joy is derived from logical actions from the child, see the problem, find the solution and enjoy the reaction. It is this way of engaging children with game logic that
I like. How do you at 14 or 15 become really good at computer games, or logic puzzles, or homework, or perhaps change the world and society? By this really simple encouragement to play, be creative and do the simple things well.
How do we create a healthier society? well we give all the sick people the medicine they need to be healthy for free at the point of need. it strikes me that adhering to a simple outworking of this game gives us a bit of hope for the future course of how our society functions, but also this wee game gives us a reminder, that as adults, we are responsable for doing the simple uncomplex changes which makes tomorrow grand.

Plus there is a sailor with an hat, seriously, who doesn’t like a sailor in a hat?