Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!

(warning. The link contained in the next sentence takes you directly to a topless picture of Britney Spears.(on her own website front page) As per usual we take no responsibility for the content of external links) (that should see the web figures jump up!)
Britney Spears is she famous of infamous now?

I dunno
I heard on the radio this morning that she crashed her car today and has ended up causing a 2 car pile up (excluding her own)

My wife wisely pointed out that the difference is if you hear the name “Britney spears” your initial thought reveals if she is famous or infamous. If you think of her music or acting career then she is famous. If you think of her life incidents then she is infamous.

While changing my son this morning we had the channel 4 show “Freshly Squeezed” on the TV. and they showed some of Britney’s new video. It’s all animated and looks superhero ish. so when I heard Britney Spears my immediate thought was her new video is actually good. So to me Britney is still famous.

so the question for you all is, Britney Spears, famous or infamous? when you hear the words Britney Spears, what do you think of?

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