I’m From Barcelona

I was in london for something which turned a bit weird.
But anyway I managed to while in the village find my way around the city. I went to the apple shop, Hamleys, Covent garden, Houses of parliament, trafalgar square, soho, the South bank and stuff.

I also made it to the Rough Trade store in Neils Yard. I went looking for The Danielson album, ended up buying the Viva Voce album, anyway, While there I noticed a poster advertising a Free concert the week after by “I’m From Barcelona”. I got excited. Perhaps the new album was out. but alas no, the album wasn’t out until the week after. this week I managed to get my hands on the album and what a thing of joy it is.

Imagine, belle and sebastian crossed with the polyphonic spree with the pop sensabilities of abba and you have a pretty good idea what this 29 person strong swedish pop group actually sound like.This weekend I managed to buy the album in Avalanche Records in glasgow.

The album, “Let Me Introduce My Friends” is very good.
It is just at times dreamy pop with a real fun edge to it. I am seriously considering this in my top 3 CD’s of the year.

In order to give you a taste of teh album below is the you tube link to the video for one of the stand out track, “We’re From Barcelona”. you know what to do.

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