ICC did this to me.

I went to college with a guy called brodie. He was a nice guy, way to intellegent for his own good. I think he disliked the Youthwork students cause the majority of them never did the required reading. He is now working for Queens Park Baptist church as a youth bloke.

I wonder about this. I mean his blog make interesting reading but I have to wonder if it is a totally different style of Youth bloke form how I am. I suppose QPBC is a totally different church to The Salvation Army. One of the things about youth work is it tends to be mostly 2 types. Workers committed for the long term work with young people, or Short term committed until the change to become assitant pastor/pastor comes along

I dunno what Brodie is. His blog is interesting anyway.

brodies blog ::[[click here]]::

oh and I am also reading John Howard Yoder, and Publishing thoughts on the web. ::[[click here]]::