I Am A Winner

Tonight I recieved this e-mail

A great last 4 games saw Big Scott storm through to claim the title. Congratulations go to him.
What are we expected to do for the next few weeks? When does the season start!?
Inter-Toto compo anyway?!

Scott 78
Rod 76
Steff 75
Craig 75
Simeon 73
Stu 70
Rich 70
Chris 67
Phil 65
Gordy 65
Ramsay 63
Paul 63
Adrian **

Yip it’s Official I am A Winner.
In a small world Cup results prediction comptiton.

I would Just like to thank, my wife, my parents, my son, God, all fluffy animals everywhere, the sunshine and the Rain, the people who made this all possible.
(descents into blubbering tears)
(sorts self Out)

Unfortunately I lost the fanatsy team compition for The World Cup.
Bummer. I came second By One point. I seem to remeber it was something to do with barcelons for coming first. Bummer

as Carl Lewis said famously. “show the guy who comes second and I’ll show you the first Loser.” Jesus famously and fortunately said ” The first will eb tlast the last first” so we are all winners.


except Zidane. Matterazzi must have said something bad.

anyway more in four years time