Hot Local news, “Cycle lanes boost safer traffic.”

Hot local news.

“Cycle lanes boost safer traffic.

Cycle lanes are to be installed between Lanark and Hyndford Bridge.

New signs, road markings and coloured surfacing will highlight the route to both cyclists and drivers.

The work is the first phase of a project that will create a new route between Lanark and Biggar which will connect to the Tweed Cycleway.

A total of £50,000 will be spent on the new scheme following a successful funding bid by the council to Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT).

The road between Lanark and Biggar is already well used by cyclists so it is hoped that by providing dedicated lanes to make it safer for cyclists and drivers to share the road network, more people will cycle in the area and encourage more sustainable and active travel.

And even if people leave the car at home just one day a week – it can make a great difference to easing congestion and reducing harmful exhaust emissions.”

point 1 – The work started 3 weeks ago
point 2 – perhaps a better strategy to stop people driving the road, would be to install a pavement? all the way between Lanark and Hyndford Bridge. having walked the road numerous times the bit without the pavement and the lorries is slightly concerning.
point 3 – As I type this, looking at the road in question. the number of bike to have traveled the road today is 0. Perhaps a cycle lane is not the solution to the problem.
point 4 – safer traffic? I was unaware of any cyclist related traffic problems on the road, I doubt the gazzette would have missed such a story.

The problem for most cyclists (I assume) is the number of lorries on the route. one every 6 minutes or so. Its not as bad as main road Glasgow traffic, but it can get quite busy with large vehicles traveling at reasonable speeds.

the news release is here should you care to check i haven’t edited it for my own purposes.
Cycle lanes boost safer traffic