Guess what happened today

Guess what my wife ordered from the Internet today. Thanks to my wife’s generousity, apple’s student discount, and some overdue expenses I am now the expectant father of the 60gb Ipod Photo.

Isn’t she cute?
I got it engraved with the legend
“There’s so much more to life than words.”
thanks Linford, what a line

4 thoughts on “Guess what happened today

  1. Someday, I’ll invest in one. No one makes better electronic products than Apple.
    So you’re an over the rhine fan? I’m so surprised at the people who are, how extensive their audience is. Cool band, regardless.
    Nice blog, btw!

  2. thanks for the comments
    ae the Ipod looks grand. Over the Rhine I Love, what a band. awesome music. I first saw them in 1995 around the time of Good Dog Bad Dog’s first release. awesome live. yeah I am just disappointed they don’t tour the UK that much.

    No it will hold about half so in about 4 months time I will need my second one.
    Shame really.
    I just feel so hard done by having to have two Ipods.

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