New fashion company gsus caught my attention recently
I was walking in Edinburgh and I passed a men’s fashion boutique which had the above poster in the window. It bore the Legend

gsus sucks

I went “Oh” out loud and looked again sure I was mistaken. I kinda laughed as it was close to the bone. I then tried to get copies of the poster with my mobile phone’s camera.

I don’t know. Part of me says this is offensive and should not be allowed as it creates a culture where the name of Jesus is taken out of context and used and abused by the trendy cool kids. The gsus company symbol appears to be a representation of what could be called a crown of thorns. The website has sections called, gsusod, gsusbike, gsuseye, looking for gsus, gsus peepshow and their latest campaign is drop your! But can I complain or laugh at this? I have a Jesus action figure doll on my desk and a Buddy Jesus from dogma doll also on my desk, as well as the idol of Ned Flanders, America’s most famous Christian.

I suppose I look at the people who stand up for their faith and wonder if Christianity did that would we really be in the state we are in today. I do not approve or condone what suicide bombers do. But to be so committed to willing to risk death is not brave, or to be something to be emulated. It is though an interesting way the think about the important things in your life.

Jesus gave his life on the cross. I do not compare him to suicide bombers. I do however ask if Christian leader were willing to lead the people of faith on a journey of faith that took the church from the mainstream to the edges of society and acceptability what would the reaction of the general public be. What would our faith and life and church look like.

I am not sure church was ever meant to be at the centre of society the way it has been and is currently being moved from.

so what is the conclusion

should I immediately fly to Holland and protest in horror against the company. Should I copy the example shown by the Muslim community in Birmingham UK and protest and create such a fuss that the shop to stops selling the product, (When the Muslim community in Birmingham UK heard of a play which dealt with there religion in an offensive and negative manner, in their opinion, they created such an outcry and demonstration the theatre cancelled the play after one night) (hazy memory so facts could be wrong.)

Or should I do what I did do. Think that’s something to reflect on take a photo and leave.

perhaps I did the right thing,
perhaps I took the non-edgy way out.

gsus website ::[[click here]]::