Greenbelt Scotland? Scot Belt? Celtic Greenbelt?

The problem is clear.

greenbelt (posibly the biggest and perhaps the best) Christian Arts Festival in europe is held over a bank holiday which scottish Schools don’t get. this means that the majority of people with children/young people are unable to attend the festival for more than a day. Scotland and the scots have been influential upon greenbelt, both historically and currently. So what to do?

this year at greenbelt a small session called “Scot Belt” occurred. About 40 people turned out to the meeting. the meeting ended with a widely held consesnsus that an event in scotland was viable and desirable. As such could the discussion be taken further and explored further.

On Saturday the first exploration of what this could entail happened. individuals who had been to Greenbelt, people who had been artists and speakers were there, even up to trustee level of Greenbelt. As well as this representatives of Wild Goose Resource Group / The Iona Community and The Carberry Festival were there.

The discussion was good but ultimately nothing was decided. It couldn’t be, a group of random people in a room are undemocratic in so many ways. So the main outcome is that there will be a wider meeting organised soon for all interested peeps. Greenbelt will get info out in good time and it should come virally to all who are interested.  A steering group will be appointed around that meeting and time will be given for fund raising, support gathering, dreaming, visioning, shaping and working out what a Christian arts Festival in Scotland could and should look like.

On a personal note I am happy that The Carberry Festival has been given a good role within this consideration of what it could and should mean for Scotland to have a Christian Arts festival.

A replica of Greenbelt in Scotland?
Something new with the spirit of Greenbelt?

I don’t know but I do think this could be something exciting and unexpected happening soon.