greenbelt day one

Yesterday the 5 hour journey to cheltenham for the Greenbelt festival, took 7.30hours in total. [nice]

but anyway we arrived in time to see the site and find our tent. (using the In tnet system of someone putting up your tent before you arrive and tearing it down after you leave. very handy)

saw the Handsome Family. alright I thought but his voice was so deep it was a rumble sometimes. I also don’t like band who have laptops on music stands for any purpose.

Went for a wander. saw some blues band in the YMCA tent, Andy Thornton in the Sticky tent, Calamateaur in the Acoustic cafe and then back to main stage for lambchop.

Lambchop was awesome. What a band. Nine of them (reduced fromt eh usual 14) very, very good. My wife was tired after a long drive so I promised her a seat at the next band.

The next performer was on in the new centaur building. All the pictures show a large hall with seats on the floor and a balcony of nice comfy seats.

we queued for 25 minutes for a seat. when we got in no seats. none. nada.

(Mental note to self. when home write a trongly worded letter of complaint about this)

But more than making up for this was the Preformance of peter Case. The Guy was amazing.

very, very Good.

anyway, went to bed.

was woken up to some Goth/punks/ shouting about the size of Joe’s penis and wether it was a caterpiller or not. (8.30am.)

Who owned the milk (8.45am)

And who was going to Firefly’s Punk Goth worship at Nine am. (8.45am)

Got washed, walked passed simon Mayo and Paul cookson resisting the urge to engage in pointless conversation.( “I love you show” , “thanks”, “so, I’ll be off, then” , “yes you should”.

Heard Shane claiborne (very good. Inspiring Guy.)

and Just found out that Someone turned off the greenbelt Radio’s transmitter at the mains and no one notices for twenty minutes. (Lots of shouting in the back ground, did you turn the trasmitter at the mains?)

anyway away to hear either Jeffery john or Prof. Sir Ghileadean Prance. Then Martyn Josephs the Rising with Peter Case or Stewart henderson/Paul Cooksons Tickling In Public.

I may stop in to catch one or two of Suzanne Adam’s Set on Stage 2.

Then the weblogging metting in the pub at 4.

tough choices huh.

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  1. I have a question that doesn’t have to do with the post, I was curious how I can get the band across the upper left corner of my blog. I’ve looked on the website and haven’t been able to find a guide for putting it up.

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