Greenbelt Books

This year I mostly bought books from the Bookshop.
Essentially this will form the basis of my reading for the next wee while.

PO.ET.RY by Kevin Max,
Porpoise 1 (Comic) Ed by Smith & Richards
Porpoise 2 (Comic) Ed by Smith & Richards
Blob Tree CD-Rom by Wilson & Long
100 Ways To Make Poverty History by John Madeley
Church Leavers, Faith Journeys five years on – Jamieson, McIntosh & Thompson
Happy In My Skin By Bell
The Human Being, Jesus and the Enigma of The Son of Man by Wink
Not Religion but Love by Andrews
Compassionate Community Work by Andrews.

I have started to read two other books though that I bought.

Contemplative Youth Ministry By Mark Yaconelli
-Okay I am onyl at chapter 5 but so far this book is really reinforcing alot of my random thoughts and things I have tinkered with over the last three years of doing Youthwork. I am being challenged and reassured as I go along.

Jesus and Nonviolence, a third way by Walter Wink.
– Similar, but smaller and more accessable, to John Howard Yoder’s the “Politics of Jesus”, (which I enjoyed but took forever to get through!) this small book outlines Jesus and how to engage and stand up against dominant powers. something we need more of I think.