Greenbelt 07

Okay the Greenbelt 2007 line up is beginning to come together.

My early highlights would include
Sarah Masen
Over the Rhine
Monk/Ric Horndinski (do you reckon they may play together? that would be sweet)
Kevin Max – I still love The Imposter as an album.
Rosie Thomas – friend of sufjan stevens and denison witmar.
Duke Special
two very special headliners, both quite different, both top quality.
Coldcut and Chas’N’Dave

Coldcut are very interesting. I have heard some of their stuff but their bio is positively facinating. Coldcut seem to have had a career and a half.

Chas’N’Dave i saw on years ago at a thing in falkirk. drummer, bass and piano. I knew none of the songs. Yet the concert was actually fantastic live. the concert few by and on a sunny afternoon it was a touch of class which the headliners of the event in falkirk were unable to come close to. I am looking forward to seeing the show again. should be fun.

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