Greenbelt 07 three – The cool list

Cool things included

Over The Rhine what an awesome performance and band. The band were very good, the music was great and carried beautifully over the evening air. They also had the first main stage encore I had seen at Greenbelt for several years.

Watching main stage acts from where we had parked the motorhome. V-cool to watch from bed! (billy bragg isn’t much to look at. I was out saturday evening, ColdCut has nice lights as did delirious.)

The anti-capitalist circus. frankly quite, quite entertaining.

The new stage two. nice feel to the place. congrats.

The hanging piece of art in the literature venue. Very cool indeed. (picture above.)

indoor toilets that are clean and work.

Mark Yaconnelli

relaxing. nice

Ric Hordinski
. great gig slightly marred by being slightly too loud so having to turn down. Eh? whats all that about.

Shaun the sheep on the big screen every day. (“he’s shaun the sheep, he’s shaun the sheep, even mucks about wit those who cannot bleat”)

Duke Special
on the mainstage. awesome show, great music, nice.

Just very cool time with my wife and Jacob.

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