Greenbelt 06

Greenbelt is 3 days away

and what am I looking forward to?

My Morning Jacket
I have been listening to their album “Z” for a while now and really like it. As a band I think they are going to be massive soon and I am really looking forward to seeing them live.
Apparently all the buzz at the Bonnaroo festival this year was about their set, so looking forward to that one quite alot.

Micheal Franti and Spearhead
My mate Fraser some year back went to see REM at Murryfield in Edinburgh. There were 6 support acts then REM.(including Radiohead!) He came back raving about a band called Spearhead and some guy called Micheal Franti. The more I have learned and heard of his output over the past month or so has really impressed me. I am currently loving “Yell, Fire!” in my humble opinion on of the best protest albums I have heard in quite a while.

Also looking forward to seeing the Bedingfield in action (Daniel not Natasha unfortunately otherwise rich may have been tempted south for the weekend!). Maria McKee will be class as always.

Honourable mentions to Ntoe for a child who make great music and Atlum Schema who apparently

Like many a monk before him, in 2004 Andy Mort locked himself away from the world for six months; unlike most monks he came out on the other side with an album – The Final Scene – and an attempt at a beard.”

should be a good fest music wise with the usual mix of theatre, literature, comedy, fun and one offs. I am looking forward to It.