Greenbelt 06 and Me

At greenbelt this year I am turning from a greenbelt taker to being a greenbelt maker.
I have been thinking about this for a couple of years and going to africa has provided the links to get involved. (greenbelt was one of the organisations responsable for the competiton I won.

I will be working on the Website as a writer.

This is a big thing. My speeling mistakes will be open to all! and lets not get onto the matter of my grammer.

I am excited and scared. I will hopefully be exploring the festival with a new prespective and sharing that with a large group of people. Hoepfully I will meet some of the big names and chat with them as fellow artists.
not sure I will be an artist but you know what I mean. i think the word in contributor.

Also I will be doing some Publicity for CMS and Greenbelt at two sessions. Infact some pre event Publicity had as a draw to the festival, come and Meet Scott Paget. Now I am pretty normal, quite why anyone would like to meet me is really beyond me. (Although I can do a pretty good rendition of the song from the bodyform advert.)

I am really looking forward to it.

Hopefully I won’t suck to badly.

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