Greatest Comedy Films?

We Once Had a conversations with Iain from Poor Old Ben about Art, what is art and what makes it Art? After our “Conversation”, he never writes, he never returns our calls, and we have never been invited for dinner at that house again.

Ultimately the same thing can be applied to Comedy. What is that thing that makes you laugh. This week I saw the end of Channel 4’s 50 greatest comedy films ever. I was appalled to find out I have only seen 2 of the top 12 films in their entirety. With this in mind I went to the channel 4 website to find the full list.

Shockingly the films I have seen from the top 50 are conveniently small so as to be handily placed at the bottom of this post. Although I have seen bits of more films I only counted the ones I had seen from Start to finish.

I like lists. If only I could follow and do them I would probably be much better.

46. The Princess Bride
45. King Pin
44. Beverely Hills Cop
42. Police Academy
41. Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure
36. Four Weddings And A Funeral
35. Trading Places
25. Gregory’s Girl
24. Ghostbusters
15. Wayne’s World
14. The Naked Gun
12. Blues Brothers
2. Airplane!

I would probably rate my top three as
3. Ghostbusters
2. Airplane
1. The Princess Bride

argue on….

3 thoughts on “Greatest Comedy Films?

  1. Really?

    The Princess Bride as your funniest film ever?

    Wow. Not sure of mine, at all. Depends on the mood i guess…

    Welcome back by the way.

  2. funny and factual,
    never engage a sicilian in a battle of wits, the fire swamp makes a farting noise before a flame appears and never marry a ruthless prince on the eve of the country’s anniversary when he needs to marry for public opinion.

    advice that I for one whole heartedly agree with and stand by.

    I also read the book this year, Golding’s adaption. quite long but very good read.

  3. please note.

    this top three was only from the films in the top 50 as seen on channel 4. this may not be my definative list.


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