Gladwell, Complexity and the ten thousand hour rule.


Malcolm Gladwell, is not universally loved, but he does try and answer his critics. In this article he answers some criticism around his assertion that in order to reach a high level operation in an action of high complexity, on average you need to put in around 10,000 hours of work on the task.

I wonder how much this transfers over to complex tasks like using computers, or playing video games. I wonder where that bar is. I wonder about the possibility of achieveing this high level of operation within a shorter period by the limiting of the insturction set which an ipad has, touch the screen, press one of the buttons (of the 5 possible), turn the device physically. The Ipad is a deceptively simple device which operates a high complexity actions everyday, and invites us the engage in those actions. The same arguement could be made of device which primarily uses a touch input system. or a joustick or game pad. I think there much to be done here.

anyway off to start hour 9,999…