Gay or Christian.

Stereogum reports the following conversation from a magazine interview in the states.

Best part of this interview with Grizzly Bear in Prefix Magazine:

PM: I didn’t realize Sufjan Stevens was Christian.
Grizzly Bear: Yeah, he’s a hyper-Christian. I really like his music a lot. He kept singing about “he” and “him,” and I thought he was gay at first. Then I found out he was talking about God.


The problem I have is with the assumption that if you were in the media, you would be gay before you were Christian. Kinda weird outlook on life but then I guess the prejudices shown in the interview then by definition cause me to re adjust and reassess my prejudices in this matter.

On a flippant level if you had to choose what people thought about you in today’s society would you choose to be thought of as gay, or Christian. I wonder what would be more hassle, and where the lines would change,

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Gay or Christian.

  1. i think you’re missing the point. If a man sings a song with the lyrics:
    ‘You gave your body to the lonely
    They took your clothes
    You gave up a wife and a family
    You gave your ghosts
    To be alone with me you went upon a tree
    I’ve never known a man who loved me…’
    you would generally assume that the songs is about a man (which would make him gya/bisexual) and not about God. It’s a natural assumption to make.

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