Gathered Links

these are some interesting links gathered from other blogs.

Bruce Cockburn interview with
Mr Cockburn chats to enviromental magazine about his new album and enviromental issues.

Sony Bravia Homage by Tango
Tango redo the Sony advert with the Bouncy balls with fruit. quite good.

The Prayer Antenna
Modern Art attempt to tap directly into the divine. nice concept. I personally use one of those ear trumpet things!

Simpsons Quotes
My current favourite is from Ralph Wiggum.

Ralph: Me fail English? That’s unpossible.

Jonathan Richter website
he is an illustrator and animator who has done album covers, videos, films, and a whole bunch of stuff. Used to work with Steve Taylor at Squint records. They started a film called “Saint Gimp” together then things went belly up. You can see clips of his work including Saint Gimp at his website.

Stephen Tompkins website
Author, writer and the close friend of The Rev. Gerald Ambulance. Possibly the best christian I know, and the one you should know. I can recommend The Rev. Gerald’s “My Ministry Manual” as possibly the most influential book I have ever read.

Sony Bravia ad Website
website for the Adverts which accompany the Sony Bravia campaigns, the bouncy balls one and the paint demolition building advert.

Line Rider
draw a line
a man on a sledge runs down it.
see how long he stays on the sledge.

addictive small join the dots game, against the clock no less.

Have fun people and remember, not everything on the internet is good.