FORGE 2 – Tranformation through struggle

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two things form the second session

Firstly – Transformation through struggle
The idea that if something is gonna happen that change has to be wrestled with, fought over, worked hard on. But it always looks like a losing battle. Out of manure roses grow. I suppose the only variable in that statement is that it depends how long it takes for the muck-spreading to happen!
I think this relates to our situation pretty well to our work situation. We struggle. We have been damaged and hurt by people some of whom cared for us, some of whom did not want us to be here. I think I can see the way out of it, but that depends on the actions of others unfortunately.

But there has been changes in people, resources and program. I am not sure I would call it transformation, but I would call it change.
And change can be good.

Secondly – the fallacy of the divide between the Secular world v. sacred world (there is no divide)
I work for a church but almost all my work happens in schools and community venues.
I am a youth worker employed by a church. I am not a Youth Minister or a Youth Pastor. I believe youthwork is a (possibly quasi) spiritual event/encounter which brings about transformation.

I cannot understand the idea of working for a church so as not to engage with those people around you. I understand the idea of Monasticism. I understand the idea of retreat. But I cannot understand the idea that “working for a church means you disengage with the rest of the world outwith the church”.

The church is the only institution that exists primarily for those who are not part of it.

Why would this even be considered a valid view? It puzzles me that people can believe that. It puzzles me that people who believe that are allowed to work on behalf of churches!

I also liked Neil Hudson’s thing of “the Biblical story in four movements”
– creation
– consumation
– resurrection
– re-creation , (giving a nice reminder of the eschatological nature of church and christian existance.)