FORGE 1 – In Your Face Jesus

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the first session was prdictabley predictable to the point of cliché

during the first soft rock worship slot while all arround me were singing and praising and worshipping, or summit. I became slightly distracted with the whole we are singing songs to jesus so I-need-to-rise-up-my-hands-into-the-air-as-i-sing-these words-in-order-to-show-i-am-truely-worshipping” of some of those around me.

Some seemed the think Jesus was far away so they needed to the stretch out and up for full effect. Some seemed to think that Jesus was closed by and had a kind of Spock “live long and prosper” thing with there hand only slightly about the waist. Some thought seemed to think Jesus was giving them things so were quite passive in the air but open palm outward to recieve things. Others seemed to be demanding Jesus atention by being quite active. One man I saw in this session had both hand up in the hair high and stretched. His hands were in and in a kinda fist shape with the index finger pointing out at (Jesus?). As the song got the soft ballady chorus, he accentuated every word with a kind of active poking movement in Jesus direction.

It seemed very aggressive in movement, and at that moment all I heard in my head was the voice of peter griffin from family guy saying “In Your Face Jesus.”
I dunno what that was about but i did laugh for the rest of the session. (Too myself but i did laugh.)

What is it all about the arms in the air thing.
At what point is it meaningful, when does it become not enough?
does raising you arm in the air lead to other worship practices, Interpretive dance, ribbons or flag waving?
answers on a postcard or on the back of sealed down envelope to the usual address please. a small prize is on offer for the correct definitive answer!