For Lent No Caffine, Yes Reading

For lent I have decided to take one thing up and let another go.

Lent is the period of 40 days before easter started on Ash wednesday (catholic, anglican and espiscipalian traditions give out ashes on this day, Today), and the a period of 40 days where life is usually by including more prayer and reflection in your life. Most people mark these forty days by giving something up to make room for this prayer and reflection, although recently the trend has moved towards taking something up for lent which encourages this prayer and reflection.

For more Info on Lent the BBC have a great explaination in their religion section ::[[click here]]::

For Lent I am gviing up Caffine In every form I can find it.(The image above it the chemical symbol for Caffine). So no more tea, coffee, Cokeacola, Irn Bru, Red Kola, even some chocolates. I feel better for it but i am a bit buzzled by what i should drink instead.

Does Hot Chocolate have Caffine. I hope not. I better chack before friday though.

Also for lent I have taken up reading 1 day a week. The book I am reading is The Politics of Jesus By John Howard Yoder. I had been doing this on and off before lent but this opportunity to discipline and encourage myself to move further into an understanding of Theology and Political comment on Jesus Life.

I am marking my Progress online (1 hour a day). ::[[click here]]::