five life, five us

Channel 5 have launched two new digital channels, on free digital TV, (I have freeview.)
Aparrently Five Life is for women and children while five US is for the men. The media pages in the sunday herald, said that five life was up against other women and child channels like E4 and ABC1. (I love ABC1) and Five US is up against more4 for the men.

I like the concept of five US but so far with old reruns of CSI (after one night), they just cannot compare to the superior product of more4 In particular, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart just cleans up against anything else in that timeslot.
But the thing I like most about the Five life is the use of sufjan on the adverts.

sufjan good, reruns of CSI not that great to be honest.

but early days. it may come good, who knows.