Feedback from the audience on my #isaym2014 paper


Wells being for designation. Is prayer being for? if so did Jesus spend more time in being for than Wells gives him credit for?

You asked a question in the slides – Did God have enough Plasticity? good question, but the question that is bothering me is does Call of Duty have enough plasticity to be used for youthwork?

Is this a pink fluffy model of youthwork which is idealistic but is unable to be used in when working in Pirority areas youthwork.

You quote moltmann, rahner and Miller from the late 60’s 70’s, but was there engagement actually specific to that time frame that its usage here is inapproriate?

Good ground to go on and do further study, with young people, theology of play, etc.


Good pragmatic dealing with an everyday thing, and questioning what we do and Its application in spaces wider than computer games.

Important – creating space to do youthwork. – Linkage to anderw root’s concept of a concrete location of God’s precence in the world.

Potential space.

Working for = using the computer games as attractions.

Issues around selling youthwork linked with issues of consumerism and is this something youthwork needs to explore further?