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I guess we all ponder what we would do if really strapped for cash and with a house or apartment to fill.

On the radio today in a discussion on “being green” the argument was put forward that we live in a disposable culture. We want ease and the ability to dispose easily of things that we don’t want. I agree. But I don’t just blame people.

The earth is the Lords, and everything in it. This I understand. The fact The devil could tempt Jesus with influence over the world during the 40 days was something I struggle to comprehend and do business with. Does that really mean that the devil has control of the world as we know it? I guess it does. That leads me to blame the devil for this culture we live in in it’s negative forms. (The disposable culture being one of these forms.)

If the devil is in charge currently. Perhaps it is fair to say that we are in slavery to him. And that in order to do something sensible to most people. Recycle, use less fuel, use public transport. The thing that really gets in our way is a lack of ease. To day in the discussion a house wife and mother of 4 children stated she wanted to do these things but couldn’t until some one else made the change for her.

I found this sad.

Are we really such a bunch of people on this world that are so comfortable with ourselves that making changes which could contribute to saving the planet that we won’t actually make that change because it might take some extra effort?

I know I struggle to make a change.

In our next house we intent to use solar power, recycling bins, making compost, we are looking at houses with good public transport links to our places of employment.
not really changing the world, but hopefully making a small sacrifice of comfort for the good of the common man.

of course we could just build all our furniture out of fedex boxes.
Fedex furniture website::[[click here]]::

Please forgive me,
I think I’m Lost,
and this is not my home.
Please Forgive me,
I’m a child of the times,
and this is not my home.

Lies Damned Lies “Please Forgive Me”

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