Fantasy Greenbelt

So almost every year we head off to greenbelt.
it is somehow a busy, special and restful place for us.
we go buy the program and try and do one thing from each of the sections of the program, music, visual arts, talks etc.

anyway they are being slightly slow at confirming the bands for the music section as such here is my opportunity to create a fantasy, unlimited budget, for four nights. To be honest though i have taken out the lots of the guys who i suspect may be to expensive before i started this list. (I mean U2 would be great right but slightly expensive.)

here we go then

confirmed, so far. Micheal Franti & Spearhead, Martyn Joseph.

I would pick
friday – micheal franti & spearhead

MXPX – Their last couple of albums, one a more accoustic take on their back catalougue and one new full force punk album is well worth a booking on the friday or saturday (although you may have to work around their reading and leeds booking.

James Yorkston
– love his stuff

saturday – Natasha Bedingfield – her brother daniel did main stage two years ago.

MuteMath – What a band, what a song although made by the backwards video. loving it

At The Close Of Everyday – dutch but their last album was in english and very good actually. main stage on saturday.

Salvador – Well my brother likes them and they are already at Flevo the week before.

sunday – Three Girls And Their Buddy Tour. (Featuring Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin and Buddy Miller) now that would be pretty good.

Tonex loving a bit of gospel

Lost Dogs love their stuff they are v. cool

(usually something more leftfield and not your normal headliner) possibly Connor Oberst (Bright Eyes) or Belle & Sebastian or Steve Earle Or for a real left field choice how about Mark Knofler
(or how about Was Not Was)

I would really like to see Viva Voce at greenbelt.

and the wonderful grey de lisle

also stage 2 or just in general
Bill Mallonee
Derek Webb

to be honest i need to say probably none of these will happen, but it would certainly be a music line up i would like, and possibly not impossible, (although if i was one the music commitee i may have a slightly different perspective on that last statement!)

for the offical Greenbelt line up ::[[click here]]::

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