Exclusion versus the parable of the lost sheep

Various times I have been asked about if I want to include the one, if that then has the effect of losing the other large group of young people.

Everytime I have answered that Jesus clearly gives us a mandate to leave the large group and go after the one.

Gospel truth shows how our values are mixed up.

Anyway now the staff team have spoken and the one has been asked to leave the group for a specified period of time. I cannot abide this. I feel my place is to be out with the one struggling with a broken and fragile one, allowing God to work in my mistakes and frailties. So my solution is to be with the one. While ensuring the large group are prepared for the one’s return to the group.

My main thought just now is:- how much does the one need the time away before rejoining the large group. The one left of it’s own choice and it seemed it needed the distance and the solitude for a while before being found and though conversation and covering a distance journeying together the one rejoined the large group.

I don’t know how much sense I am making but anyway let me know.