evolution v creation

My dad was speaking in church on the Evolution vs Creation subject last sunday night, tonight, and next sunday night.

He is coming from a creationist view.
Last week looked at how the evidence we have fits with a creation view. This week looked at how the evidence can blow holes in a evolution view. I dunno where next week is going. My problem is that for me, my “post modernity” generation, (Gen X), have moved on from an “I can prove it so it must be true” dogma. generally.

The way this is being pesented though seems almost combative. The evidence fits with a creationist world view so it must be true. The evidence presented with an evolutionist world view is full of holes so it must not be true.

I am really suspicious of this.
I spoke to my dad about this today. Teaching in churches generally seems to be.
“The bible says this. This is similar to our situation like this. So we should do this.”

I guess I am naturally suspicious of people who claims they can prove their truth.
I suspect for my generation that would be generally expected.
I guess I like to question
I like to step out in faith.
I recognise and esteem the place of failure and being wrong.

So. This is my truth, tell my yours…

One thought on “evolution v creation

  1. would it not be fairer/better/open/ more controversial / interesting etc. to give evidence from both points of view and let people decide for themselves?
    The church does seem to struggle with giving people freedom to think… that Jesus guy didn’t.
    Creation stories are common in all faiths, what about the complete change in context after the 7 day account?
    You can argue it well from both sides, even from a faith point of view.

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