Eddi Reader – Live at City Halls, Glasgow, 24th May 09, a review

The discussion I have been having, with myself, about being artist has been closely linked with the issue of beauty, beauty is partly about power and emotion. It is also something about attainaility. Eddi Reader has a brilliant voice. stunning, quite stunning to be honest. She can sell a song with confidence power and a tune to it. But somehow she manages to create something of beauty.

The songs were created by a live band of some very interesting players, but the key here is the tunes and the delivery of the lyrics which Eddi Reader does magnificantly. Her voice just delivers every song and every note it delivers.

Now folk music isn’t really the coolest thing to be into. Andrew Bird’s indie credentials are impeccable. liking cool beauty is easy. Yet Eddi Reader makes liking the songs of Burns a thing of wonder and amazement. Each song revealing something about the reality of normal life, in its glorious, wonder and amazment through each song.

If you get the chance to see Eddi Reader. It is a great show you would be annoyed to miss.