Eating Out at the Quay

Tonight we went to eat at Frankie & Benny’s at the quay in glasgow. It was decidely the rough end of average.
The food was warm but not hot,
the service was okay but not up to usual standards,
the table we had was cold,
the croutons were bread not toast.
The Matre’d was showing people to their seats while talking on the phone.

The whole thing was less than average. The care had not been taken. This is a bad sign. Next door to Frankie & Bennys is a branch of Fatty Arbuckles burger restaurant. It used to be just off succhiehall street and it was awesome. The food was great and the service was also fantastic. it moved to the quay and it took a step of two backwards but was still the best thing on the quay site. Then it got worse and worse. the slide was really bad it was annoying things. Last time I went I decided I would never go back, the service was bad, the food lousy and the bill expensive. The expereince left me with a bitter taste.

I hope frankie & benny’s can come back, but for the last year or so I have been doubtful over it’s ability to recover.

Tonight seems to have confirmed it’s time is coming.

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  1. Shame about your F & Bs our in nottingham are ok..though they do have a lot of kids partys…that puts me right off!

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